Whole Home Humidifiers – Eradicate Dryness Once & For All

When summer recedes, we’re left to the comfort of our indoor heat. But we don’t really have the full picture of comfort when the whole house feels dry. The cold air outside lacks moisture, and running the heat further dehydrates you.

Getting a whole home humidifier for your living space will help you achieve the full picture of comfort while providing many more benefits. Wilson Mechanical is here to help you accomplish this.

We’ll handle your needs with the expertise and care they deserve.

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Do You Know All the Benefits of a Whole Home Humidifier?

A few local stores sell small humidifiers, but a small, cheap unit is typically intended for one room. The issue of dryness extends to your full house, so a whole-home solution is the better option for most people.

A well-humidified area will allow you and your family to enjoy many perks, including:

  • Skin Comfort & Health – Irritated, itchy skin and chapped lips are no fun. If you have small children, their skin is even more sensitive, requiring more care. Dryness can also cause flare ups of eczema and other conditions.

  • Reduced Cold & Flu Symptoms – With your nasal passages, throat and lungs getting so much traffic from mucous (yuck), having dry air flow through them makes the sore sensation much worse. Humidified air can help soothe these symptoms.

  • Calmed Allergies & Asthma – Your nasal passages, throat and lungs can also become irritated when dry air meets allergies or asthma and contributes to the twitchy sensation.

The benefits can also extend to your home, including:

  • Lowered Heating Bill – More humid air tends to feel warmer, often reducing the need for a higher thermostat setting.

  • Protection For Wooden Floors & Furniture – Dry air can cause wood to shrink, resulting in splitting and cracking.

  • Houseplant Help – Your indoor plants, unless they are all succulents, will enjoy more humid air. It might be a small benefit, but it is a nice little advantage.

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