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Why is Heating Maintenance So Important?

These are a few of the benefits of having your heat pump, boiler, furnace or other heating system regularly cleaned and tuned up with a maintenance visit:

  • Energy Bill Relief – As a system ages, it operates less efficiently. However, you can actually retain a lot of that efficiency with regular maintenance.

  • Repair Reduction – A maintenance visit will catch smaller issues before they get out of hand.

  • Avoid a Devastating Breakdown – Some breakdowns are not possible for your heating unit to recover from.

  • Increased Safety – Because systems such as boilers and furnaces use a burning mechanism to produce heat, they can produce dangerous amounts of carbon monoxide if something goes wrong. A sign you need to have this addressed is a yellow pilot light.

  • Longer-Lasting System – Maintained systems last up to 50% longer than unmaintained ones.

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Preventative care from an HVAC professional is the number one way to find satisfaction with your heating system years down the road. It’s easy to underestimate the effects of heating maintenance because it seems so simple—just one quick visit each year. But the importance is greater than many think!

Wilson Mechanical Heating & Cooling currently has maintenance contracts with valued families all over the Greater Kansas City area, and we would be honored to provide you with a maintenance plan that works for you.

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As an HVAC professional who has provided satisfactory results for over 30 years, Wilson Mechanical can take on your specific maintenance needs with ease.

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